Easy Homemade Caramel


1 cup butter
1 cup brown sugar
1 cup sugar (white, granulated)
1 can sweetened condensed milk–Be sure this is NOT evaporated milk
1 cup Karo syrup or sometimes called corn syrup
1 tsp vanilla extract
1/4 tsp salt
salt flake for the top of the caramel (optional)


The first thing I’m getting to do, and this is often a crucial step and I’ll tell you why, is that this recipe involves one cup of butter, but before we add that to the pot, I’m getting to unwrap my butter a touch bit then use this to hide my casserole dish. and therefore the reason why you wanna coat this with butter and not non-stick cooking spray is that that’s the primary taste you’re getting to get in your mouth. And in fact, butter is such a lot better than non-stick cooking spray. So we’re just getting to cover this, cover all the cracks and crevices, rock bottom, then also abreast of the side, and we’re getting to confirm that it’s covered on all sides rather well so that nothing sticks.

Alright, after we have that done, we are getting to unwrap this other cube of butter, and we’re getting to add one cube of butter over to our pot. and therefore the pot that I’m using maybe a non-stick pot, and this is often also really important. you’ll make it in only a daily pot, but I swear this is often such a lot easier, so make certain you’ve got a pleasant, big non-stick pot to use.
Once your butter is simply about melted, you’re getting to pour in your sugars. and that I had a lover who shared a variation of this recipe with me an extended time ago, and that we lovingly ask it because the Cuppa Cuppa Cuppa recipe because it’s a cup of 5 things, but there’s a couple of other variations that I’ve made, but it’s a cup of butter, white sugar, sugar, Karo syrup, and sweet milk. therefore the next part is that the white sugar.

And you’re just getting to mix this up as you go so that nothing burns on rock bottom. this is often on medium heat immediately. then we add the cup of Karo syrup, just the sunshine Karo syrup works great. then we add sweetened milk. Measured, then I prefer to feature a few half a teaspoon of salt, which just helps cut the sweetness a touch bit.

Also, make certain with this recipe that you simply just constantly stir it, and that I wish to stir it during a pattern that goes vertical lines this manner, then cross it this manner, then go around. and that I just do this constantly while this is often stirring, and truly, after it comes up to a boil, it only takes eight or nine minutes for it to return up to temperature.

Okay, so one other thing that you simply wanna make certain that you have prepared before your caramel is boiling is I even have a bowl here with some cold water in it, and I’m gonna show you ways to try to to a softball testing, then also you’ll use a thermometer. so the hardball is 260 and the softball is 240, so that’s the temperature that we wanna get our caramel to.

Alright, just stirring, stirring, stirring. My caramel is really boiling now and I’m just constantly doing this pattern in my pan so that it doesn’t stick, and this is often called a rapid boil, so a rapid boil is when there are bubbles on top of bubbles. If it had been just boiling, it might have, like, a singular bubble come up from rock bottom of the pan, but this is often a rapid boil, and it must be within the rapid boil for 6 to eight minutes, counting on how high your heat is. I prefer to cook it a touch bit lower to form sure I don’t scorch this.

I’m still stirring, going horizontal than vertical to stay it from scorching then going around. And it’s only been about six minutes, so I feel we are probably getting close. This caramel is additionally really awesome to drizzle over pretzels, with maybe a touch little bit of chocolate or chocolate, or it’s the right caramel to dine out of a pan, you’ll pour it into a nine by 13 like we’re doing today, cut it up, you’ll dip it in chocolate if you would like, you’ll sprinkle a touch little bit of sea salt thereon. it’s a very pretty and truly a very easy recipe.

The hardest part is simply the stirring, the constant stirring, but it’s just for two minutes, so it’s not regrettable.

Okay, and before we put it within the pan, I’m getting to pour in a few teaspoons of vanilla flavoring, and that we don’t wanna add this until the very end, alternatively it’ll lose its flavor.

Now I even have my caramel in my pan. We’re just getting to let this sit well here on the counter for about 45 minutes to an hour, or until I can cut it easily.

‘m gonna plow ahead and cut this caramel, it’s so amazing, and therefore the way I prefer to serve it, I prefer to graze a plate, again, with butter then set the caramels on there. Again, you’ll use some salt, you’ll just put a touch bit in your hand then add it right to the highest of your caramels.

This is a fun dessert to serve at a celebration or around Christmas time. It’s an ideal gift to offer your friends or your coworkers.