Cinnamon Apple Cake


Three eggs.
A cup of sugar.
A cup of liquid milk.
A cup of vegetable oil.
Two cups of flour.
Three teaspoons of baking powder.
A small spoon of vanilla.
Pinch of salt.

The filling

A tablespoon of milk sugar.
A teaspoon of cinnamon.
Three grains of shredded yellow apples.
A large cup of sweetened condensed milk or chocolate sauce.

How to prepare

In a deep bowl, put the eggs, sugar and blend the ingredients using an electrical whisk, then add the milk, vanilla, and oil and beat again on medium speed.
Add the flour, leaven, and salt, then beat the mixture again.
Pour the mixture into a greased oven tray with a touch of butter. Place the shredded apples, sugar, and cinnamon during a deep dish, then mix the ingredients well, then add them over the flour mixture within the tray.
The tray is put into the oven at 180 ° C for about half an hour until it’s done. Remove the tray from the oven, set it aside to chill down, then pour the milk over it.