There are foods that have got to always be stored within the refrigerator but are you aware there are foods that ought to never be stored within the refrigerator?


Watermelon is one of those foods that are perfectly fine sitting on your counter before being cut open. The USDA believes that watermelon retains more antioxidants before being cut open. keep in mind, once you chop open watermelon, ensure you wrap all the pieces before placing it within the refrigerator, otherwise, it’ll acquire the taste of other foods.

This sweet next in line is almost inedible when left within the fridge.


Honey is a food that’s best left out of the refrigerator especially if you wish it creamy, smooth, and slick Once the honey is stored within the refrigerator, it starts hardening, crystallizing, and eventually turning into solid rock! What happens, the granules will seal together and can’t be used at all.

Honey may be a great flavoring, but this next food may be a beauty all on its own.


Unlike popular rumor, the simplest thanks to store your coffee is to put it in an airtight container at temperature. once you place coffee in your refrigerator, it loses flavor, and condensation can form on the grounds. the bottom line, humidity is no good for coffee beans or grounds. Today, many coffee containers are airtight so you’re in luck.

It’s a good thing the next food doesn’t attend the fridge!


If you store pumpkin within the refrigerator, it’ll collect moisture and rot! Although it’s important pumpkin remains cool, it’s also critical it stays dry. Get a bit of cardboard or a cardboard box and place it in your basement or, if you don’t have a basement, set it in your kitchen. stand back from other materials like hand towels or cement as they gather moisture.

The next item is usually stored wrongfully within the fridge.


Before you begin cutting into an onion, leave it on your countertop to stay warm. Once onions get cold, they will start to get mushy and very unappealing. Also, humidity causes onions to age faster. Once they need been cut, you’ll need to refrigerator them in order that they don’t dry out. Also, confirm you place them in a plastic wrapper or baggie and place them in your vegetable drawer. If left open within the refrigerator, other foods can obtain their flavor.

Number 6 does ‘nut’ belong within the fridge at all!


Nutella has become a really popular treat over the past few years, especially thanks to advertising. That said this treat should never go in your refrigerator. If you are doing, it’ll be very difficult to spread and can start losing its chocolate flavor. you ought to keep it sealed on your counter or in your pantry so you’ll be able to enjoy the creamy chocolate flavor. Every day, you may get to enjoy this delectable treat!

The next item may surprise you, but there’s a decent reason.


If you don’t know, vegetable oil likes dark places. this is often exactly why most vegetable oil is in a dark container, a bottle, or a jar. albeit your refrigerator could be dark most of the time, the cold could solidify the oil. If you’ve got extra virgin vegetable oil, refrigeration can affect the flavor which can harm the whole reason why you purchased it.

Another wrongly stored item is next.


There are many of us who think herbs should be refrigerated in order that they will last longer. On the contrary, it should be the opposite. first, herbs must remain dry, so once you store them within the refrigerator, they gather moisture. For the best results cut or nip the bottom of the fresh herbs and place them in a jar of water.

This next food is stored within the fridge the bulk of the time.


For some people, tomatoes are food they believe should be refrigerated. Unfortunately, once you store tomatoes within the refrigerator, you’re killing them. Not only will they lose all their flavor but the cold will break down their molecules and leave them very grainy. you ought to ripen them on a windowsill for the most effective outcome and eat them while they’re still fresh.


Keeping ketchup out of the refrigerator has nothing to do with the very fact they’re a tomato base. Well, the rationale is, ketchup is loaded with vinegar which may be a natural preservative that keeps your ketchup fresh practically forever!


Most people hear the word “tuna” and immediately believe that because this is fish, it must be refrigerated. Well, canned tuna should be stored in your pantry, not within the refrigerator. Believe it or not, if you store your canned tuna within the refrigerator, it’ll cause rust! If you place the cans in a dry place, tuna can literally last for five years! That said, once you open the can of tuna, then you need to store it in the refrigerator.

Another food that must be kept dry is next!


The biggest reason you must keep bread out of the refrigerator, it’ll dry out. Bread is quite the opposite, the moisture in bread isn’t the matter. Rather, the bread will go stale pretty quickly if kept cold. you’ll freeze bread if you’ll not be consuming it anytime soon then toast it afterward.


Potatoes must be kept out of the refrigerator. If left in the refrigerator, they’re going to turn mushy and grainy because the starches start breaking down. you ought to keep them in your basement or, if you don’t have a basement, place them at the bottom of your pantry

A similar food is next, though it’s kept cold more often.


Even though you would possibly like really cold apples, the reality be told, they’re going to last a way longer period of time if left on your countertop. The cold temperature and therefore the added humidity will cause apples to ripen much faster. Although after some weeks, you’ll store them in your refrigerator if you won’t be eating them directly.

One more and you don’t want to miss it!


The beauty about avocados, they work perfectly when ripened on your windowsill. they’re going to ripen to the right consistency for guacamole. give it a shot, you will be pleasantly surprised and by all means, keep them out of your refrigerator!

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